“My partner, our two cats, and I were looking for something quiet, (pet) friendly, and affordable in the Nelson area, and we found that with the Cottonwood Community. Not only was is it a beautiful garden oasis, but our property manager and our caretaker were wonderful, understanding, and compassionate people. All our needs were met in the short time we were with them, and reaffirmed our hopes that there are still good people in the world.”

Amanda, Kyle and Fur babies


“From Unit B, I like not having the need to move often! We have a great yard and it feels good to be here. I hope to put frog’s eggs in the pond next spring.”

It’s very cool that you have offered an affordable community space
and kept it going as long as you have in the current climate
great contribution to our community.


“Cottonwood Creek Comunity Gardens is an amazing place to live, it is full of friendly helpful neibours who feel more like family than friends. The grounds are full of areas to gather together for meals, bonfires, or just realxing with the sound of the creek in the background. There are several fruit trees and both personal and communal gardening spaces available”



Owner Observations

“An owner of a rental property has feeling too!

I am creating a ‘GRUNGE’ List to show some of the examples of life as I have experienced it.

1966, my first property [900 sq. ft.] at age 21,  needed a new shingle roof, with 80% of the windows broken in, plus added plumbing and electrical, I did the work; later added 800 ft. of gas line with heater with certified technicians to replace several wood stoves….and the rest is history!  Do what you can do in the Summer Time.

Now we have CCC.

 The GRUNGE list

1st Place, is still held by two dead goats in the basement … 1986

2nd Place, is oily motorcycle parts in the living room…  1990

3rd Place, two cleaning crews, before the R. & M. crew [$600.00 +] before the painting crew, before the final cleaning got done…  2022

4th Place, all windows shot out while attacking a partner, $1200.00…   1972

5th Place, Colorado Blue Spruce, 10 ft. landscape feature tree cut for Xmas and still in the room in June…  1978

6th Place, manufactured home destroyed by fire due to an illegal propane installation.  Renter was sad at the loss of his Gun and a dog… 1/3 insurance settlement payment received by owner….  1982

Can we respect ourselves?  It is through education, self-care [kindness] and avoiding addiction [aggression] that we may come to practiced reverence each day.

Can we respect people with skills who build accommodations for us?

Can we respect the people who support the production and supply of housing products?

Can we respect the timely presence of service support folks?

Can we actually show reverence for each other and ourselves?

Do we have respect for the materials that gave their lives so we may have shelter and beauty, the wood lot tree or 65 million year old compost [plastic] and paper products, etc.”

Barrow Nov. 2022

“Barrow my friend,

You are good hearted and followed through with a vision where you helped people have housing who didn’t have much. I love that!”

Wayne Germaine April 22, 2023

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