We are what we repeatedly do,

Excellence is our habit.


Barrow Hutchison

 We can do this! Eliana and Barrow
We can do this! Eliana Sattler and Barrow Hutchison

Barrow Hutchison, a Waldorf Educator with a compassionate heart. Embracing, rather than denying the challenge of Affordable Accommodation in our community. One who loves composting and gardening!

Eliana Sattler

Eliana believes in the basic goodness of humanity. She responds to the call for creative working, by raising her own children, offering her service to students and caring for the land.

Property Manager

Gerald Beaudry

Gerald Beaudry
Gerald Beaudry

A long term, community minded, Nelsonite, A Renaissance man and multi-instrument, Blues cat. Writer, sound engineer and producer. Bob’s your Uncle.

Further Reading

– Caretaker…often our site care is handled by a Resident who has an interest in the property and who is intested in clean and beautiful surroundings.

– Grounds Contractor…Better Lawn and Garden continue to do 365 days of attention and care for many years. E-mail

– Internet Contractor

– Maintenance Contractor…we have two men who respond to the call, Aron Denis of Levelit RS and Martin Lane of Startseed fame.

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