9 Unit Community

To enter into relationship, this stirs a familiar yearning.

Bring a Spring gift, it is warmed by Summer warmth.

And with Autumn mild light, I find my strength to carry on.

Modified; R. Steiner

Celebrating 25 Years 25yrs

In 1990  we began. In 2015 Cottonwood Creek Community celebrated 25 years of rising consciousness. We began as a cluster of a house, a garage, and a large storage building on ¾ of an acre next to a bus route.

We have attempted to utilize every square foot of surface area. Starting by Cottonwood Creek, we have maintained a 30’ wide Riparian wildlife habitat along the water’s edge, plus a quiet sitting area. Next to the habitat area, located six feet down under our grassy area the loops of a Geo-thermal collector (20’ x 60’). In the common area are picnic tables, a barbeque grill and a wood fired oven.

Beside this area lies 1 of our 3 vegetable gardens for a total of 4200 square feet of production capacity. We have a pond with a flowing fountain which works well for mosquito control.  From the front to the back, the ground is prepared for wheel chair access using ramps, leading to barrier free living spaces.

Along the highway side of the property lies our septic field, over which another vegetable garden flourishes. Along side the veggies is a row of fruit trees, sub-irrigated from the septic treatment pump. The aerobic sewage treatment system which is built for 9 rental units lies under the paved driveway loop.  There are 5 gravel and 6 paved parking stalls, and a bike rack.

Let each of us ensoul the place where we stand. (modified Rumi).


Our definition of Community:
A group of individuals supporting each other to meet their Thinking, Feeling and Willful needs.

Our definition of Empathy:  Recognizing the need of the other!

The Cottonwood Creek Community Mission Statement:
To provide affordable accommodations for those who need support to develop a lifestyle of their choosing so the virtue of each resident is living.


Core Values of Cottonwood Creek Community:

  • We are guided by respect for the diverse resident population that we serve.
  • We manage our affairs with honesty and transparency.
  • We lead with Imagination, Inspiration and Intention as a rigorous expression of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.
  • We practice Generosity and Gratitude.
  • We care about choosing to reuse and recycle
  • Each day we Grow a little more.
  • Altruistically Motivated


The prosperity of a community of human beings working together

is greater the less the single person claims for himself from the proceeds of his labour.

That is, the more of these proceeds he makes over to his fellow workers  

Then the more his own requirements are met,

 not out of his own work, but out of the work done by others.

 Modified – Rudolf Steiner

That is true PROSPERITY!



Cottonwood Creek Community Culture

As a result of WORKING TOGETHER we have:
A] Established a shared vegetable growing Garden space and Root Cellar
B] Established a shared Taxi Transport subsidy for weekly shopping trips into town
C] Established a supported Internet Service for access to the WORLD
Started with dogged attention to detail and more to come.
D] Established supported Technological Literacy

We are working to provide entrepreneurial-ship training. By offering support to individuals to help them manage their lives, income and savings; we are showing ourselves how to provide a minimal, viable service to sustain affordable housing using the internet.
The 3-E’s follow from this intention.
-Education found on line. [Laptops available for use for a fee]
-Employment from on line sources
-Entertainment when the work is all done and the nights are long.

Barrow Hutchison
March, 2015

THE QUESTION… Are we acting out of what we know and what we feel is right for the self-development of a person?

 We do have a taxi fund that can be used by residents!
If you need to use this fund please get a receipt from the taxi driver. Sign the receipt and I will arrange with you to pick it up. When I receive the signed receipt I will etransfer you the funds.
As well, we are interested in what you have to say in regard to your housing experience. Please give us feedback!

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