Compost Program

As you read the “Care of our Septic System”, it mentions objects NOT to be flushed into the system.

Some of these items can be composted.

We can compost all natural materials and fibres:

Cloth – cotton, linen

Leather – gloves, slippers

Paper – towels if wet, coffee filters

Cardboard and paper – pull the tapes off and then burn or lay out at the compost

Organic Pet litter

Kitchen food waste


The fire pit produces ashes which we put into the compost also – please no glass, plastics, metals [Al. foils].

Please no cigarette butts in the compost stream, fire pit or thrown into the garden because of the chemicals in the tobacco. Also the tobacco carries a virus that damages some of the garden plants.

Your kitchen compost container is part of our “reduce, reuse, recycle and repair” program – please develop this habit. Please take your organic recycle to the compost pile that is currently being built and add to it at the end that is under construction. Generally there is a shovel so you can cover it with the materials at hand.

Our completed compost goes into our garden.

Our soil is developing into a beautiful mixture. From this soil comes our food. Please enjoy our gardens as we sequester CO2 in the soil, nurture microbes and grow enriched crops.

Barrow Hutchison

July 2011

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