Cottonwood Creek Community Pond in the Winter

Pond Construction

The Pond is 18 years old.

The construction is as follows:

  • the carpet has been turned over so that there is backing upper most.
  • below carpet is 10 yr  UV greenhouse plastic, 6 years old. [clearly very little sun degredation]
  • below the plastic is the carpet underlay.

Built to withstand children, dog claws and spears!

The pond is cleaned each year in May/June for leaves and algae.  Deep cleaning for toys, sticks, rocks etc. every two years.  Plus setting the liner where the dog traffic has dislodged where it lies.

We do not do fish as snakes hunt them out.

The circulating water discourages mosquitoes and algae.

Enjoy the water, the fountain and the reflective space.

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