Building a Housing Dream

You can choose how to live your life.

You can choose where to live your life, in Serviced Residential Units by a creek.

Check us out, we have Serviced Residential Units triplex, single family and one multistory residence [the Tower] and a Tiny house.  The residences are clustered around a large central space built to meet the needs of different occupant typologies.  Privacy was considered in the over-all design.   Considerable distance and lines of sight consideration between entry doors has been used for private entry.

Community housing initiatives promote opportunities for folks to meet and share.  The idea appeals because it connects with the dream of small friendly neighbourhoods, where children and elders can mix while feeling cared for.  Our vision holds that adults can socialize in spaces that embody a more sustainable, less wasteful way of living through shared facilities and common space.  We have created a private housing situation with a sense of belonging to something bigger than what one family can achieve.

The garden areas, which are rich with composted soils promote/encourage social interactions, healthful activity and food production.  The regularly mown grassy lawn common area is a safe place to play for children and pets.  Cars are accommodated separately in off street parking.  Access to the property is directed by driveway and parking locations.  A fence and pathways including a ‘barrier free’ ramp to the tower, with ramps eventually built to the garden beds, guide you around the property and over to the pond with a fountain.

Shared facilities include a laundry room located centrally, a common room will eventually be in place for crafts, social space and perhaps a kitchen for winter meals shared together.  A root cellar for winter storage of the fruits and vegetables from the gardens helps Residents save money on winter produce purchases.  An outdoor area for summer cooking  [alcohol free] includes a wood fired oven and fire pit.  The free WiFi availability is the result of everyone supporting an Internet Service at wholesale prices, games with cloud and streaming.  Our Public Washroom is open for use by friends who are on site.  The Recycle Room supports the cyclical economy.  There is a Storage space for seasonal tires.  A space to rent for long-term storage of household items is available upon arrangement.

We are passionate about this approach to affordable accommodation.   Co-housing ensures that families can rent with economy, or save for their future investment be it education, or access to mobility for employment.

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Barrow Hutchison                           June 16, 2019

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