Investing For People

Cottonwood Creek Community Investment Plan

Here at CCC we have developed a rounded inclusive investment plan as an example of how to support SUSTAINABILITY for our resilient housing project.

Each of the following areas is represented on the land where our accommodations are situated.  We have been building this site to create a strong diversified basis for our well-being & future investing

Capital Investments:

Consumer Product Discrimination:  recycle activities  $4000

Consumer Staple Food Production: vegetable Gardens / Root cellar space $7000    

Energy: meeting building codes, conservation measures and Geothermal ground resources, for heating and cooling of the Internet room and the Units [further development is underway]  $ 14,000

Health Care: organic soil and garden care with area development of lawns and nature connection [Riparian creek-side space], Barrier Free walkways and unit conveniences   $ 11,000

Industrial activity, Re-purposing and Remodeling, [ex. Tiny home, Unit I] for on site employment $ 21,000

Materials: residential accommodations, ash/mineral production, Compost material handling and curing for the intentional garden spaces  plus storage space , asphalt for erosion control and gravel for drainage   $390,000

Technology: use of  Geothermal products and devices to enhance unit heating and cooling   $ 9,000 

Telecommunication:  extreme internet capacity with secure availability of individual unit Wi-Fi to be used for Education, Employment and Entertainment   $ 16,000

Utilities: developing structures and applications/fixtures to maintain low consumption of resources, Hardy-board cladding and metal roofing for protection of living spaces from cell tower microwaves, also sand filtered well water, and a Sewage Treatment Plant and Field    $ 120,000  

With this planned approach we each receive a dividend in spacious exterior and compact interior living space with high quality light filled rooms with a strong sense of safety [including a flood plain engineering plan].

CCC is built not for oneself but for others.  We are working to overcome the materialistic character of our society.  Our vision will reach through the material haze and increase our perception of a healing social life where the resulting growth of the spirit in humankind is occurring.

As we gradually learn to understand our group challenges we will develop stronger will forces to rise above this materialistic nature/character and achieve SUSTAINABILITY [of spirit]!

Our Goal: the introduction to and the development of social-emotional conscious investing for the larger community and ourselves.

When we achieve ‘free’ cash flow [cash available after needs] in the next few years, we can further invest into ourselves [compounding] by way of supportive social programs.  Presently we have; a taxi subsidy offer and the short term micro financing for cash tight months.

Perhaps in the future we can offer rent subsidies.

Addressing today’s realities for the future.

Thinking like a business person in social investment!

Nov. 2017    ~Barrow Hutchison

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