Our procedures are intended to establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for each family at Cottonwood Creek Community.

Disease display of signs and symptoms such as sore throat, reddened eyes, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever [100.4 F/38 C], chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatique, muscle and body aches, skin rash, scabs that have not healed and vomiting, congestion/runny nose are all part of self-monitoring.

Reduce your risk of infection/spread out and stay close to home AND outside when visiting. Self isolation means staying home and avoiding situations where you come in contact with or spread to others. Stay 2 meters apart from others when in contact with folks from outside your family.

Wearing a mask alone will not protect you, washing your hands after each contact with materials outside of the home is part of your protection.

At CCC we share the Public Washroom, the Laundry room and the Recycle room.

We also have the open grassy area known as the Common Area where, so long as you keep your family bubble 3 meters from others you are taking good precautions. There is the picnic table and metal table and chairs by the creek and perhaps shared children toys that need your attention, if using them. PLEASE WIPE DOWN [with alcohol] THE ITEMS WHEN YOU ARE LEAVING THE AREA that you have used.

Self monitoring allows you to protect others. SEE HealthLinkBC Directory for health services. Should you contract a communicable disease……..please let our Property Manage know.


COVID 19 Exposure

  1. Please notify the Property Manager [This info. is held in confidence] if you test POSITIVE.
  2. Close Contact is a family member with a Case. [Close Contact is defined as someone who was within 2 m. of an infected person for at least 15 minutes]
  3. Contact of a Contact, a community member.

For an approach to preventive measures; have your cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing supplies at hand, contact the Property Manager if you need support. The Shared Public Washroom will need our shared supplies and focus.

REMEMBER after the two inoculations [3 weeks apart and two further weeks to develop some degree of resistance you are still vulnerable. REMEMBER YOUR MASK! You can still be a carrier!!

At CCC we believe in recycling…Currently each month there is up to 129 billion disposable masks and 65 billion gloves used each month world wide. Please use a cloth mask if needed with a double layer of protection. Wash it daily! Twenty seconds of soapy bubbles saves gloves!

Wellness thoughts……

CCC recognizes the important connection between a healthy diet and daily health. Our mission is to improve health by gardening experiences that encourage life long healthy habits such as exercise and diet.

Since our June 2020 sharing of the ‘Early Days of COVID 19’’ we have learned more about the need for working together.

Then we offered deferred rent options, transport for food purchase and our standing Taxi Subsidy program continues.

Each Unit’s entrance is well spaced to support Physical Distancing.

The Common Area is large enough to support Physical Distancing. Be outside, fresh air is great. Connect with the OTHER.

We have gone into details to support each family to know what is expected on our site. In this way we can help each other to stay safe and healthy!

Thank you for helping us continue to make CCC home.

Barrow Jan. 2021



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