Affording Affordable Accommodations

Our Present Economic Philosophy at C.C.C.

Mutual Interest     YIELDS     Mutual Benefit

Can we through the Imagination become Inspired to meet the challenge of the Intention of community housing? Are we perceiving, what the present housing needs of our society requires? Are we taking the right action, to meet what the present housing needs of our society requires?

The individual standing alone can achieve virtually nothing. In today’s economy working together, associatively as a group of people, is where individuals meeting together can reach beyond the interests of the one and strengthen as the whole. When folks come together through common Intention and Imagination there is a transformation, a common totality appears in the purpose on which they are focused. At CCC our separate yet serviced connected living arrangements are an economic associative action. This unique gathering of accommodations must be open to examination by all who are interested. A true imagination of the economy is acting out of the purpose/interests of all who care.

Cottonwood Creek Community is an economic Unit. Each Resident holds certain experiences and knowledge of life. This knowledge impacts our consumption of products. This knowledge influences interests and concerns. This knowledge links to our economic life. We each stand/express and acknowledge that all individuals benefit only when the interests of the whole are put first. We are consumers of economic products.


We produce very little on our site. Each Resident is active as a consumer. From meal preparation to cleaning to books, clothes and travel we have an economic impact. As a community we are active in the housing of people. Our housing is not a consumer activity, it is a service activity. As an accommodation community we are active in the repair and maintenance, lighting and heating, and environmental care. We at CCC are consumers, where decisions are made in relationship to the whole and better effects result. Can we perceive what it is that is not yet present, but that will to come about in the future?

Paying money is not an economic activity. Money allows or gives one the right to acquire product or service. At CCC we are a service provider of living space. Rents [which cover the cost of Principle payments, Interest, Taxes, Repair and Maintenance] are paid to enable us to fulfill the purpose of affordable accommodation. Fees are paid to contribute to the expenses of the delivery of services. Money makes possible the working of this intention.

The cost per unit is based on the Resident’s choice of unit size; a choice made from a selection of units. We function because of our ability to pay our share of the annual operating costs. This is most honest and true. It is equitable. Affordable rental accommodation is not a product that can be bought and sold.  Together we are operating a service to the community in solidarity.

We represent the Private Sector doing what is needed. Money is called capital. If we accumulate money, capital, we can make a purchase of an object or asset. If we accumulate money we can use the capital to work and to increase in quantity. We have invested into our Extreme Internet Service that allows us to deepen our education, expand our employment opportunities and allow increased experiences through entertainment. This is a step to increasing the human ‘capital’ of our community. Now is the time to invite individuals to provide for themselves so personal growth can occur.

Now is the time to genuinely identify and develop a currently unrecognized form of capital. This would be the creating of self-employed, self-educated and self-confident individuals who will create new forms, with new skill sets, that are required for the trends of the times. Gone will be the crystallized trends of where assets are held to create inflation, cancerously with eventual economic collapse. The human life cycle will be the new form of investment that will move into a new economy. There will not be a fear of losing an asset. You/we are the asset!

With the economic/environmental changes that we see today continuing, we will need residential accommodations [rented or owned; partially or out right] that will recognize this new capital. The individual asset that the rental property seeks, so does the present economy. The reliable human capital will be free to move to manifest their gifts. Accommodation that is available for rent, encourages the human spirit to develop and move where the future is developing. The individual is free to produce in security by building a future based on knowledge and faith. Then as one accumulates one’s financial capital, then ownership of ones living space is feasible.   Ownership, think cooperative to meet the future!

A safe rule for the first step in accumulation a ‘nest egg’, a savings account, money [capital] to use to purchase something that will make more money: use only 25% of income after taxes to pay for accommodation! Plan only 25% and savings can begin.

Our future awaits us for our action. Support then generally arises with action. Folks of all ages strive to prepare themselves, to fulfill their dream. CCC represents support.

Is the Rental Housing Market Important? A community shows care of its residents by the types of accommodations that it provides. Rental units support the growth of a region. Can the rental market sector also provide an affordable leisure component where the individual lives? At Cottonwood Creek Community we have developed barrier free, humane housing BY THE CREEK where we can dream.

May, 2016




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