Recycle Room Operation


RECYCLE and REPURPOSE ROOM OPERATION: for purposes of material stewardship OR waste    reduction. Why? Read on!

Wash it – tub it

Please wash and dry your contributions to our program, this reduces the risk of small animals!

We have tubs with symbols with lids [for the small      animals], in the Recycle Room into which to put your material. Racks and bags are available from Home Hardware if you wish to hold materials in your Unit.

Any cash recovered from deposits in the Recycle Room, covers more supplies.


District INFO hot line 1-800-667-4321; site,

Our purpose is to help direct our metal, plastic, paper/cardboard and glass PURCHASES back into the commercial stream for reuse.  We do not have curbside pickup.

We also have a SHELF on which to place items you are not using, so others may repurpose! [to be emptied monthly]

We have a PLACE to PLACE your used/  emptied PURCHASES for other uses!

The District Transfer Station accepts mixed materials. [Past the Muni. Airport or above    Insight Electronics]


They accept; Metals, tin cans [every ton recycled saves 1.4 tonnes of ore] with paper removed,      Aluminum items, etc.

They accept; Plastics showing the RECYCLE ARROWS 1 to 7, plastic food bags/film, crushed detergent/bleach bottles and stacked plastic tubs/containers, bottles with lids off. Please crush the large MILK containers to reduce volume.

ALSO, mouthwash, ketchup, salad dressing bottles, peanut butter and jam jars, frosted milk, juice, cosmetic, shampoo, cooking oil bottles, honey, mustard, medicine bottles, caps, straws, plastic plates and cutlery, and water bottles. LOOK for the 1-7 symbol! CRUSHED PLEASE to reduce VOLUME and our handling costs!!

They accept; clean and dry newspaper, magazines, mixed paper and flattened kitchen cardboard. Recycled paper saves 64% of the energy cost for a new product.

ALL THESE ITEMS CAN BE MIXED TOGETHER IN OUR TUBS. We have blue bags for tub liners in case the bins are full at time of drop off. We have clear bags too.

THEY accept; all regular glass of mixed colour. [Including .05% beer]. ALL IN A SEPARATE TUB!! [No plastic bags for this lot]

Our tubs will be taken to the Transfer Station Bins.

WHAT’S TO BE TAKEN to the Nelson Leaf’s Recycle Center [Whitewater Ford area]

For questions -250 354 4922

Items to be SEPERATED and PLACED into Brown [folded] Cardboard flats for recyclable materials. Know the counts!

  1. Tetra packs [juice and coconut water only]
  2. Small plastic liquor 1 L. and under [caps off]
  3. Large plastic liquor over 1 L. [caps off]
  4. Wine boxes
  5. Refillable Beer bottles [long neck]

Wine [with labels] and Spirits 1 L. and under 1 L. [caps/corks off] separated in flats, take to Nelson Leaf’s.

Aluminum beverage cans, 1 L. and over, for plastic bottles are placed in clear bags.

For info. on ‘P R O P E R’ ITEMS AND QUANTITIES of items for USE with the CLEAR RECYCLING BAGS is available from the depot AND listed on the Recycle Rm. Wall.

GARBAGE – Black Plastic Bags purchased by Residents are deposited in the Waste Management [Green] Bin in the parking area. These bags need to contain waxy cartons and Tetra Packs for Milk and Soya, and wet materials. Pottery, tiles, ceramics, window, light bulb and mirror glass need to be boxed before bagging and placement in the green bin.

OTHER items for the Waste Management Bin include, large items [packed neatly], STYROFOAM, and other garbage items.

Cardboard can be composted, burnt or flattened and bundled/tied for delivery to the Transfer Station Bin.

ELECTRONIC and electrical products, small appliances, e-waste, cell phones, batteries and thermostats are not REGULAR GARBAGE! Please seek an appropriate deposit [Check with the Nelson Leaf’s].

Removal by CCC of other items [computers, furniture] for Residents requires a disposal fee starting at $30.00 to be paid to the Property Manager to support our operation of this task.

Barrow Hutchison June, 2016



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