Sewage Treatment Plant Care


Here is an example of living with Intention.
Our wastewater and sewage is treated in our own Treatment plant! The fans under the bike rack supply the air for this process.

Bio Filter:

A. Please be conservative of your water use. If a toilet continues to RUN please, please, let management know immediately.

B. We have a LAUNDRY SCHEDULE so the water use is balanced each day.

C. ITEMS that hurt our treatment cycle:

  • Feminine Sanitary products -Non food items, oils etc.
  • Diapers -Paints and their rinse water
  • Pet litter -BLEACH and CLEANERS
  • Coffee grounds -Antibiotics

We suggest Dr. Bonner’s cleaners. We have a Sump pit [see Property Manager] where fluids toxic to our system can be dumped instead of in our TREATMENT system.
IF IN DOUBT please ask our Property Manager. We are all in this tank together, so to speak. Especially, if we have to close it down for a day or two, for servicing.
February 2014

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