Kindling the essence of Healing Accommodation

This Cottonwood Housing Community website by Barrow Hutchison and Eliana Sattler, shares the reason for the existence of this remarkable housing initiative.

Healing is dependent on movement. Healing accommodations are dependent upon
opportunities for movement with potential economic returns. This could be renting
until the JOB comes up, finishing educational course work or following ones path to
health through opportunities of chosen daily routines to fulfill a treasured sense of
well being.

Gerald Beaudry has been the Property Manager for 9 years. His training supports
our Goals
Together the three of us hold 7 undergraduate degrees with a combined experience
of 70 years in this field.
Through the course of life, offerings and the working together, we will explore
various ways to understand and support a person’s [a Renter’s] need for
economic/food security, personal rights expression and the development of an
educational plan to be able to make a contribution in our rapidly changing

We call on our history [CCC 30 years old]; of business experience[economic life],
healing approaches to community engagement [cultural life]and our experience in
the development of non-partisan organizations [cognitive life]; to do better at
‘keeping moving forward’ [Martin Luther King] .
We have set ourselves apart from ordinary housing. We are different and better at
creating open space for the ups and downs of life!


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