How things work at Cottonwood Creek Community


  1. Rent is due in full on the1st. of the month before 9:00 PM.  (See Manager for details).
  2. Personal Effects Outside your Unit.  The appearance of our property must be pleasing to look at, at all times.  We have storage space for your extra items.  Personal items must be kept neatly organized around your entrance-way.  Ex:  2 chairs, and a 2’ x 3’ x 3’ storage locker which can serve as a table.  For the health of the grass, convenience for cutting and safety, items left on the grass over three days will go to the Lost and Found Box. 
  3. Garbage.  Garbage pick up is on an ON CALL basis.  Monthly cost is paid at the time rent is due. Please place black bagged garbage in our bin.  Personal items larger than a bag, you are responsible for removal or we can do it for you at your expense (paid at the time) or charged to your Security Deposit.
  4. Parking Areas.  Please ensure your area is clear of trash and cigarette butts.  Your assigned space is for you and your guests (1/2 ton trucks or smaller, please).  Visitor parking is on the gravel areas with engines off!.
  5. Laundry Room Rules.  Please, keep to your assigned time. (See Property Manager).  The laundry area is shared by all so, please keep it cleaner than you find it.  Remove your items at the end of your laundry time.  Picked up items need to be placed in the Lost and Found Box which is emptied weekly.  Please, clean the dryer lent trap each time you are finished with the dryer.  This can become a fire hazard.
  6. Stairs. Units B & C:  please, sweep and maintain stair passage-way.  No storage under stairs.
  7. Shoveling Snow.  Snow shovels are located in our tool room where they are kept for use. Each unit is responsible for their parking space.  Unit A:  their pathway to parking space.  Units B, C, D:  their pathway to parking space, and clear laundry room doorway.  Units E, G:  from door to parking space.  Unit F:  from door to parking space, and clear snow from roof of your porch.  (See Manager for snow storage areas).
  8. Lost and Found Box. Found in laundry area.  This box will be emptied each week.
  9. Recycle Room.  See Property Manager for the guidelines for use.
  10.  Compost Program.  (See our handout).  If we burn cardboard (see Manager for details), our trash volume is much less.  The soil needs the ashes.  One family could take the responsibility of burning cardboard.
  11.  Garden Spaces.  (See Manager).  Our goal is to grow food for joy/pleasure, satisfaction, and food security WITH Intentionality!  Leaving the area assigned weed free makes it easier next year.  And to remind ourselves we are a PART of Nature….we are the parts of Nature!
  12.  Safety Inspection.  As required by the Property Manager,  a walk through the Unit to ensure maintenance is kept up.
  13.  Financial Responsibilities.  Please, ensure your rent is paid to cover garbage, and power bills which are paid monthly Please, see Manager if a difficulty is foreseen.  Plan ahead.
  14.   List of Handouts.  Received when applying, and when moving in.  See Property Manager.
  15.  Your Mail Box.  Please take your rental agreement to the downtown post office.  They will assign you a post box and key.
  16.  Posting of Notes on your Door.  It is a method of sharing information without disturbing you.
  17.  Use of Public Washroom.  For the convenience of guests, campers, and gardeners.  If your guests use it, please help in keeping it clean and supplied.  Supplies [unscented]:  Users, please keep the room supplied with: hand-soap for the sink, cleaners, and the broom and mop for the room.  When light is on, the room is OCCUPIED.  10 minute showers, please when others are waiting.
  18.  Green Space Along the Creek.  Please, respect the creatures that live there.  Please, use the Grove as a place to sit by the creek.  Please, do not remove branches placed on the ground. This provides cover for the animals.
  19.  Use of Common Areas.  The lawns, fire-pit, oven, barbeque area, grove (by the creek), and drive way are common areas.  Please, respect the needs of others as they use the space we all share.
  20.  Sewage Treatment Plant.  Must be treated with respect.

Barrow     June 2016

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