Recycle Room

We have a recycle room to demonstrate decent care of our planet and each other.
This room is the heart of our intention. WE CAN make a difference! At CCC we have
30 years of demonstrating our INTENTIONAL VALUES.

We have created a recycle room type of place for us to learn how to deposit our
unused resources. We are part of the shared economy. In this manner we can
innovate new uses and create a resilient future for our children and grandchildren
in a sustainable manner.

Please read the CCC webpage, Recycle Room Operations, to read about the day to
day use and shared operation and why we have a Recycle room for this activity.

The hours of Operation are posted so you do not need to accumulate recycle
materials in your Unit.
It is our sincere hope that we can reduce the volume that is considered ‘garbage’ and
thus lost to the recycle stream.


Good Consumer


Good Citizen


Good Consciousness


Barrow July 2015/revised Sept. 2021

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