Care Goals

Cottonwood Creek Community Care Goal:

Our Care Goal is that each Resident may find here at CCC a source of Dignity and Respect, through involvement and feeling valued.

How do we show this interest/support?

At CCC we hold three questions to support our Care Goal

  1. How do we meet Resident needs?
    • by offering a survey for opinions
    • by making semi annual Unit inspections
    • by inviting conversations
  1. How do we work to meet Resident needs?
    • by conversations and being available to listen
    • by implementing Unit Inspection needs corrections in a timely and professional  manner
    • by accurate reporting to support cash flow
  1. How to anticipate Resident needs?
    • by a survey
    • by understanding needs from experience and pertinent legislation
    • by conversations with Residents about site issues and safety by attentive onsite care
    • by reporting conversations and developing steps within management for accurate feed back for the cash flow and ownership decisions

Can we at CCC support each other to provide appropriate accommodation and well kept grounds to raise a person’s sense of dignity?   By all of us doing this work as we are able, then each one of us thus finds a greater inner sense of respect and contentment.


Barrow Hutchison         April 2018

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