Nelson’s Hidden Treasure

This year marks Cottonwood creek community’s 25th year in operation. It is time to celebrate!

We would also like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Nelson community, our supporters and service providers. Our 9 unit, residential community is the result of creative, active, imagination and has been grounded in a philosophy of rising consciousness. How can we care for the land we live on in a mindful manner that honors the place where we live? Does this honor each other? We believe, yes!

The Cottonwood Creek Community Mission Statement:
To provide affordable accommodations for those who need support to develop a lifestyle of their choosing so the virtue of each resident is living.

What does our community look and feel like? We choose to embrace purposeful awareness, leaving the smallest environmental finger print as possible and enhancing what we have to offer. Every square foot of the ¾ acre surface area on the property has been utilized. We have a wild life habitat area along the creek that runs through our property. There is a geothermal collector buried under the common area lawn and we have a state of the art aerobic sewage treatment system. Several flower and vegetable gardens, a fish pond, incinerator for ash/compost production, fire pit, BBQ area built of stone, root cellar, recycle room, storage area and a BIG yard grace the property. There are ramps in the gardens and raised beds for barrier free living requirements. There are on-site laundry facilities and a clothes line for Kootenai fresh laundry. We have a sand filtered, water well with delicious tasting water! There is a work shop and tools that are offered to our residents to use.

As a group we wish to establish guidelines for individual and group meeting conversations. We will develop consensus decision making abilities and use Marshall Rosenberg’s approach to community (Nonviolent Communication). This is a place for social gathering!

As a result of WORKING TOGETHER we have:
A] Established a shared vegetable growing garden space and root cellar
B] Established a shared taxi transport subsidy for weekly shopping trips into town
C] Established a supported internet service
D] Established supported technological literacy (in process)

Gerald Beaudry B.S.W., B.A.
Property Manager
Cottonwood Creek Community

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