With 57 years as a Rental Accommodation provider and property owner, I have
learned three things.
-The demand for rental space in Canada has not been dependent on economic
-The demand for rental space in Canada has been due to the demand from
natural/organic population growth.

  • The demand for rental space in Canada has been due to providing housing by
    systemic deprivation.
    Property owners provide space for folks looking for short or long-term
    accommodations that they the renters can afford. It is harder now than ever before
    to do right by others. To do so now requires consistency of regulations and owner
    The current economic environment is the worst rental-business investing
    atmosphere I have experienced in my 57 years as an owner. No one knows what
    exactly happens next ….I do not predict. I just prepare. At Cottonwood Creek
    Community [CCC] we are prudently fiscally transparent [See the example of a Unit
    Monthly Expense Sheet, on the web site]. We share with our Renters our approach
    to a wide variety of economic outcomes, so all can sleep well at night. With this
    openness I have experienced less distrust towards me from our Residents. The
    resulting trust is due in part to our shared intentions.
    What vision do we all need for the future?
    How can the practice of transparency release human capacities to initiate wider
    social support and changes? By building trust!
    We need to share our questions and answers, to discuss them open-mindedly and
    find ways to encourage similar thinking folks to work together. The law calls me a
    Landlord and thou a Tenant…..a good place to soften the language I think!
    Another question…What % of inflation is driven by a shortage of accommodation?
    The Residential Accommodation Market needs Renter Leadership. More private
    money needs to invest in peer-supported accommodation that will bring a return to
    the investor and a strong feeling of doing it RIGHT for all, by all! This is called
    meeting the needs of folks needing housing! Renters helping renters!
    At CCC [31 years of operation] we offer Renter 101 lessons to support this great
    need! Check out our website…CottonwoodC.Ca. I call the offerings on the website
    an opportunity. In the summer we can gather, I call this gathering…TELL ME WHAT

I NEED TO KNOW….. And over 4 years, no one has come to that gathering. Is there
a need? You can answer that. What would be a good reason to attend such a
gathering, to share your experiences? To better understand why you are renting?
The renting of accommodation can be a good for you. I am a renter. Renting
allowed me to save money. Check the website [CottonwoodC.Ca…How to Afford
Affordable Accommodation, 2017]
Our resulting product is a self-guided organism, not an organization. That is what
our operation is, truly!
Participant participation is what the market needs now! What CCC needs!
Participation is called RIGHT ACTION! It is now time to share this message to future
renters and owners!
Barrow Hutchison
March 5 th /’23
B. Sc. Agric., B. A. Waldorf Education, Master Education
Free Mason, student of Rudolf Steiner and human nature.

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