Empathy Renewal

Community as Organisms

Renewal of Empathy/Understanding

Communities like organisms are not endowed with a set of initial conditions like machinery.

Communities like organisms live moment to moment in associations.

Human community like an organism is constantly redesigning self.

We constantly bring about something new.

Each community has its own life.

What ever is responsible for orchestrating causal arrangements cannot be explained by end results.

We cannot explain the present moment as a consequence of material forces playing out of the past.

The ever shifting patterns of adult cooperation, the steps of prolonged narrative and context sensitive roles are intricately choreographed .

Human relationships are brought about it would seem from the same depth of reality where the causal forces of life originate.  Not from “outside”!

Whether there is a Grand Choreographer or a source from an inner place, causal forces arise, arise at least from a source inaccessible to our imaginations.

We know very little about forms of consciousness and intention.

I do not understanding the causes/reasons for different learning styles or interests in the garden.

My ignorance comes from refusing to be still. I imagine and observer the range of previously unanticipated possibilities. Why do things go wrong in the garden?

I consider organic life as a higher sort of intelligence with intentions/results that we cannot  imagine (the harvest).

Each of us through our willing intention to work together will find something new from these garden associations/experienes. Our growth will only arise from out of our understanding of our strength of Will, so that we may find new living associations. I t will be by our Will, so that we may find new living associations. It will be by our Will that we accept testimony directed to us through our eyes, ears, and hearts; from the soil and from each other. Thus we will grow our harvest. And thus empathy towards ourselves will be renewed.

We are the living organisms of this humane community!                  Barrow  [2/21/17]

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