Operating Philosophy

Feeling fulfilled by one’s own inner striving and development.

 From Intentionality [volition] to Actuality

Ten percent of our nation’s population lives with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges. At CCC we are breathing into this living situation and supporting independence in the social sphere. Through understanding tolerance and mutual respect we have developed an altruistic impulse for Accommodation.

Can this approach of ours usher in other social changes?

We are an example of increased equality in accommodation. CCC is an association of folks seeking an opportunity for a social structure through a housing arrangement that encourages a civil society. We invite intentional creativity in order to share the resulting goodness, beauty and truth. Gardening for example, each person can create, enjoy the benefits the soil yields, develop production of  food and flowers and thus share their truth about what they have created. This approach seems to compare well to an alternative of inflationary economics, medical interventions, individuals alienated from Nature and the on going violent acts towards others.

Rudolf Steiner, developed an approach to living called Anthroposophy, over a hundred years ago. Our work is based on his approach to the developing human. We have created a humane island surrounded by dimensions of different considerations. We have created a sheltered place where the sun can rise like spring each day.

Being part of a humane culture encourages respect for the individual. Encourages the steps to growing strength and empathy. Encourages one to direct one’s focus to that inner place of peace and strength.

“All human beings seek confirmation that we have a meaningful place in the world around us. We want to know that it matters that we are alive on this earth and that the things we do contribute something meaningful to the world.” [See foot-note]

Physical movement, from meal preparations, to growing a little of your own food; from putting a little of the harvest away (savings account) in the root cellar to raking leaves for the compost to help build the soil; from shoveling snow and mending a tool in the Tool Room, each of theses are steps to inner peace. 

Build a ring of stones. The circle of love, plant it with flowers and decorate a tree! Nice sharing! Thanks Simone!

Yup, getting up and doing. We are balancing movement with the screen time many of us are required to spend. Doing is more than task completion, it is a way to develop a sense of competence and accomplishment.

Gardening is not timidly holding back. Gardening allows acknowledge the preparatory steps, where one can express one’s self through meaningful tasks. Gardening with a child gives the child the example of action steps towards a healthy future of self-worth. Be like a child!

At Cottonwood Creek Community our work is dedicated to the web of life where our participation follows the various pathways like the pathways that the Residents bring to us. We think in terms of the human scale of participation, where individuals are encouraged to self-develop. We are being co-creative so humans can become more humane.

– Foot-note; Nancy Blanning; www.waldorfearlychildhood.org

“This could be a good time”.   Hopi Elders

Barrow 2018
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