Root Cellar




Storing unpreserved foods saves MONEY.  Storing this way saves electricity and allows you to hoard your summer’s hard work grown in the garden and safe from winter’s snows!

A safe place to prevent freezing when managed well.  Our structure has warmth from two sides and cold from the roof and other two sides.

Go one line to learn how to care for your crops; garlic, cabbage, potatoes, parsnips and apples to just mention a few of what we have grown on the land at CCC in the past.  OR WE HAVE BOUGHT items in the Fall time [at a savings] from a local farmer to fill the extra space.

Our structure is 10 years old and has a sand floor, some concrete pavers, pallets for crop holders to sit on, shelves for preserves and room for squash.  This is a small space with a low ceiling, for interested individuals to use.   If you would like to sign up in August for the use of the Root Cellar see the Property Manager for an agreement form.  The area of garden under production that will be harvested will be part of the access criteria.

Temperature control is important to learn, and must be done with careful watching of the thermometer.  A safe temperature goal is 36 degrees F.  Management of the single door will require care to chill the space, hold what warmth we need and prevent rodents.  The latch can be locked for bear intrusions!

How long will the veggies keep?  When we have learned the management needs; then for example, apples for 5 months, potatoes, carrots and parsnip 6 months. These veggies also can just remain in the growing beds for early spring harvest.   Spread the fall work out!

By spring [May] all the left-overs need to be removed and clean up completed as the vegetables in the garden begin their growth cycle.  Meanwhile a cool place remains to store extra groceries during the summer.

Count your food dollar savings under your management.   Soon, simply supply will count too!

Barrow Hutchison          B.Sc. Agriculture          Spring 2019







– Our Root Cellar

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