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 A Socially Responsible Enterprise as an Investment Opportunity

If a local business is important to the community, the capital needs to come from that community.  This builds permanence for a community.  

Affordable accommodation does not need to be a burden to a community.

At COTTONWOOD CREEK COMMUNITY [CCC], we have grown into a sound business plan by providing affordable accommodation.  We have been:

-supporting social responsibility and thus reduced health costs to the larger community

– supporting replenishing of the soil for horticulture crops, work activity builds community

– supporting on line education, first education, then employment and then entertainment

-supporting community health for residents

-supporting cooperation between individuals, jobs and tasks

-supporting a taxi subsidy for trips to town

-supporting one payment for utility payments

-supporting micro-financing [not yet implemented]

-supporting cooperative housing ownership [not yet taken up]

-working hard together and having fun

We have not yet reached full self-organization of a shared dream.


Purchasing rental accommodation in the area of Nelson B.C. is a fantastic investment opportunity.  At CCC we have established an affordable rental accommodation plan.

The City of Nelson and area has a low number of new home construction starts.

The City of Nelson and area has a vacancy rate near to 0 to 1%.

The City of Nelson has taken steps to meet the needs of economically disadvantaged residents.

The City of Nelson is planning an expanded bus route for service to our area.

In this environment, a long-term business prospect is a secure investment.


An appropriate social investment built by those who yearn to change the world a little bit at a time.  If we are not to distance ourselves from direct participation in our community, we need to develop cultural relevance; supporting any one of us supports all of us.

Our Business Plan:

This property is priced to reflect value as a safe investment.  This investment is capital efficient with a satisfactory cash flow.

Rental Income data from 8 units [9th under construction] is available showing our serious intention.

Priced by a Gross Rent Multiplier of 8 times yearly rental income [100% occupancy, 95% of a year].

A Place where people like to live.  See Web Site; CottonwoodC.Ca.  [Note the construction Power Point, many not living behind a door helped us build the tower]

Addresses the Nelson and Area Housing Shortage, due to the City of Vancouver population pressure.

There is the potential to build three new units to provide year round workshop space from three retired living units.  We believe by engaging our will, this clears our thinking.

Residents are invited to develop and enrich their skills [save from income to invest for capital].  There is an allocation of site resources for people development.

This site is ecologically built for energy conservation, vegetable gardens, geothermal heating, root cellar storage, future workshop space for hands on skill development and production.

An individual seeking their best financial position generally guides the healthy consumer market place.  [12% of the population is living in poverty.  Average charitable giving is around 2% of income. ]  Socially responsible rental spaces are needed in this market place.

Can you support this social action by the direction of your funds in our transition of ownership?

Barrow Hutchison     Feb. 2017


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