Cottonwood Creek Community Rental Agreement

Cottonwood Creek Community (C.C.C.)

-An Intentional Rental Community-

2428 Ymir Rd, Nelson BC V1L 6Z2


For Unit_____ Electrical Meter # _____2428 Ymir Road, Nelson BC V1L-6Z2

Between owner, and resident(s):


Name: (Please print) _________________________________________________________


Phone number:__________________________ Email: ______________________________

Name: (Please print)__________________________________________________________

Signature:______________________________ Date:_______________________________

Phone number:___________________________Email:______________________________

Agent (Property Manager):____________________Date:_______________________________

Phone number:___________________________Email:_______________________________


Rental agreement includes:

a) Establishing agreement for use of traffic flow, parking (see sketch), use of common areas (Grounds, gardens and facility use) and guest conduct.

b) Cooperating with owner’s Agent and/or Property Manager (P.M.).

c) Rent includes electricity, water, internet services, sewage treatment, trash removal, use of laundry room, common area, creek side seating and walkway (Riparian Woodlot), garden plot (see P.M. for plot assignment), parking for one vehicle, laundry line and stoop, food dryer, burn barrel for cardboard and paper, bike rack (labelled), root cellar, ground care, open fire pit, all year round wood fired oven, B.B.Q., all season fountain in the pond, tire (labelled) storage: see P.M. for access, on-site storage offered at $30.00 per month for a pallet (see P.M.) Micro financing for a computer and/or course fees for educational support is possible.


a)  Starting date: _____________Resident must provide a full month written notice to end tenancy. Initials _____

b)  Monthly total expenses (Rent) in the amount of $__________

c)  Security Deposit is 50% of the monthly expenses (Rent) $_________

d)  Rent is subject to a yearly percentage increase.

e)  No subletting.

f)  Rent is to be paid on the 1st of the month by cheque, direct deposit, e-transfer or money order. Initials _____

g)  One parking spot is assigned to each Unit. Extra parking spots are rented at a rate of $75 per month (when available). Vehicles must be insured and in running order at all times.

h)  There is a $50 non-refundable pet (under 50 lbs.) with approval of P.M. are to be approved by P.M. 

i)  Residents will be held responsible for the actions and the consequences of the actions, of their pets and/or guests.

j)  Residents shall comply with all requirements of municipal, provincial, and federal authorities, as compliance pertains to the use of the property. The use or influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. on the grounds is prohibited. It will become a police matter.

k)  This is a smoke free Unit; No pot, tobacco and/or vaping is allowed inside the Unit. There is a designated smoking area by the creek, Initials _______

l)  The name of resident(s) who hold the contract will be given to the bank each month. Initials_____

m)  Hanging of banners/messages in windows or outside on the property are not allowed.

n)  Mail box access.  Use this document to notify the Post Master of your new mailing address. Unit I needs to apply to the PO for a community mail box.

o)  Unit B has an age limit of 10+ for children in residence.

1.  Maintenance of Property, Grounds and Service Areas

a)  Owner provides snow removal on access driveways for emergency vehicles. Use of ice melt by designated person only. Residents are responsible for their parking spot and walkway. Resident must maintain parking spot (remove snow and any oil spills etc.). No on-site washing of vehicles.

b)  Grass/weed maintenance is the owner’s responsibility and Residents are encouraged to participate in seasonal yard maintenance and gardening. No watering of Common Area grass. The lawn area by the stairs requires watering by a thoughtful/appreciative person.

c)  Public washroom, Garbage bin, Recycle room, Stair wells, areas around Resident’s doorway, fire pit [see P.M. for supply of fire wood] & BBQ area and laundry room [Lost and Found to be emptied weekly] are to be kept clean and free of clutter by the residents who use these amenities.

d)  Herbicide will be applied by owner in season to reduce weeds on pathways and parking area’s at owner’s discretion. Insecticide will be applied by a licensed applicator.  Rodenticide applied as required by management.

e)  Please sort and wash material for recycling and place in designated container in the recycling room.  Paper/cardboard burning ONLY in burn barrel.  Follow posted composting instructions.  Household waste only in household waste bin. All other unwanted household items (furniture, equipment etc.) are the resident’s responsibility to be removed from the property. Ask PM for removal option.

f)  Plants on the railing of the Tower require waterproof containers underneath each pot. Initial_____

2.  Maintenance of Unit:

a)  Each Unit is received as is, with condition noted in a condition inspection report completed and signed by P.M. and resident upon occupancy and vacancy.

b)  Residents shall maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition.

c)  Stairs must remain clear.  Landings must be uncluttered (4 foot clearance).  The area around and in each Unit must remain free of clutter, storage, and blockage to access.

d)  Residents shall be responsible for damages caused by themselves and/or guests, pets.

e)  Screens that are removed and not given to the P.M. will be considered lost and a bill of $70.00 each will be assigned (due with next month’s rent). Initials_____ 

3.  Maintenance of appliances will be done by a certified technician assigned by the P.M.

4.  Please give notice to the P.M. for identified, needed repairs and maintenance.  Suggestions will be assigned for repair by the P.M.

5.  Alteration and Upgrade

Prior to any painting/upgrades, approval from P.M. must be arranged. Unit must be repainted at resident’s expense to the standard white prior to leaving. Upgrades remain within unit.

6. Damage to premises:

If premises are damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, landslide, strong wind, tree fall etc so as to be rendered uninhabitable, either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement. (date on which such damage occurs by proper written notice). 

7.  Depending on circumstances, we reserve the Right to evict if necessary. Depending on the severity of “cause” the process includes conversations(s), two letters of expectation and an eviction notice if warranted.

8. Pets and visiting pets are to be on a leash. Please clean up after your pet.  Avoid pet voiding on the LAWN at the bottom of the stairs.

9. Residents will be charged for lost or not returned keys for the Unit.

Residents will also be charged for broken locks/deadbolts. Owner and/or P.M. will not be held liable if you need to call a lock smith, this is on the resident’s bill. (See Inspection Report) Initials: ________

10. Entry and Inspection:

  a)  The owner, P.M. and/or contractors shall have the Right to enter the premises with 24 hour written notice for the purposes of condition inspection and/or necessary maintenance. Inspections are done twice a year and/or as needed. 

  b)  A Realtor as part of showing the property to potential buyers may access a Unit with proper 24 hour notice.

11. Indemnification:

Owner shall not be liable for any damages or injury to resident or any other or property, occurring on the premises or any part thereof or in common areas thereof, unless such damage is the proximate result of the negligence or unlawful act of the owner, his agents, or his employees. Resident agrees to hold owner harmless from any damages, no matter how caused, except for the injury or damages caused by willful acts or negligence of owner, his agents, or employees. Owner’s insurance does not cover resident’s personal property. We recommend occupant carry tenants insurance. Initials: __________

12. Security Deposit/Damage Deposit:

One half month’s rent is payable before moving in and shall be refunded within 15days from date when Unit possession is delivered back to owner and/or P.M. and after a condition inspection has been completed and signed off by resident and P.M. A statement showing charges made against the deposit will be prepared. This deposit cannot be applied towards payment of the last month’s rent.

When moving out you have until one o’clock on the last day of the contract to move all belongings and leave unit as clean and as you found it. A final walk though inspection will be done no later than one o’clock on that day. Initials________________

13. Creek, pond and flood zone awareness:

Resident(s) has been made aware of the safety issues concerning the water

on the property. We are located on a 100 year flood zone.  The Landlord will not be held responsible for injury, death or damage to property that may occur. Initials___________________

14.  Move in and Out:

When moving in you can begin moving in at one pm on the first day of the agreement.  Unit will be clean and painted (discretion of P.M.). When moving out you must leave a emptied and clean apartment and be out by 1:00 pm on the last day of the agreement.  There may be an occasion where due to delayed repairs, move maybe delayed or additional access to unit may be needed. When moving in and out we go by the rules of the Residential Tenancy Act section (13-2). We need in writing a one months notice when moving out; For example, you must give notice on or before Sept 30th to move out on October 31st. This notice must be written and signed, providing the complete address of the rental unit and indicating when the resident plans to move out. The notice must be a minimum of one clear month and must be given on or before the last day of a rental payment period to be effective on the last day of a subsequent rental payment period. Notice by e-mail is acceptable. A forwarding address and e-mail is required.



15. Use of Services and Amenities:

  a)  See the P.M. for the current charges for the use of pallets and timetables for the use of root cellar, services and amenities.

  b)  With appropriate notice we can provide e-vehicle charging stations, with electrical power usage charged to your payment card. (In the works).

16. Use of Dwelling:

CCC offers Rental Units for the purpose of lodging/dwelling. If the need arises, we offer a Use of your Rented Dwelling space for Working at Home (Hybrid Plan) for purposes of employment.  CCC  requires a onetime charge,  use agreement fee of $150 upon moving in or later as the need arises. This is an honour system agreement.  Further to the Agreement fee there would be an additional cost of  fee for part time work and an additional  $50.00 – $100.00 per month for part time to full time work at home which would be developed by the P.M. Initials______________

17. This Agreement:

The forgoing and the attached map constitutes the agreement between the

Parties.  Any revisions to this rental agreement and/or addendums generated by the P.M. and/or owner may be modified only in writing, then signed and dated by both Parties and filed.  Resident will hold a copy with completed signatures and dates. 



Set(s) of keys received:_______________________________________________

Date and initials _____________________________________________________

Copy of any new revised Rental Agreement received and reviewed.



Addendum needs to be signed and dated. A copy will be filed with the Resident Agreement

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